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Incorporating the very latest scientific innovations to deliver active products deep into the skin to achieve fantastic results without any needles or discomfort


This is the only facial of its kind available in the UK

This is our ultimate anti-ageing facial - designed to speed up the generation of skin cells and collagen, tighten and firm the skin, add volume and ‘fill-in’ lines from the inside. This award-winning innovation uses the very latest stem cell technology in a powerful cocktail of ingredients to revitalise and renew the skin, putting back what time steals away.

The unique plant stem cells and nano-liposomes are delivered deep into the skin by another award-winning innovation in skin care - electroporation (sound waves) which allow the active products to penetrate through the outer layers - rejuvenating and restoring the skin’s natural vitality. Although this treatment utilises the very latest advances in scientific skin care, it is blissfully relaxing. It is also suitable for all skin types and can be used for prevention as well as cure!  For outstanding results, we would recommend two per week for two weeks then alternate monthly with the Mesofill to maintain that youthfull glow.

Mesocosmetic treatment that softens wrinkles and expression lines, increasing firmness over the face and neck.  A non invasive alternative to injectables, which can be done over the whole face (unlike Botox). Delivering hyaluronic acid at cell level to smooth and firm lines and wrinkles while providing an instant lift. This is a wonderful facial to alternate with the Stem Cell Rejuvenation or on its own.

Mesocosmetic treatment for lightening and brightening dull complexions and for pigmentation.  Its active ingredients balance colour, soften dark spots and delay their re-appearance. Very high levels absorbable Vitamin C helps collagen synthesis, activating natural defences and strengthening skin firmness. It lightens melanin in the melanocytes and the lower layers of the skin. It brings light and leaves the skin looking bright, even and radiant.

A course of six to ten treatments (one per week) is recommended for Mesofill and Mesobright for the best results with a monthly follow-up to maintain the outstanding effects.



The results of sun damage!!
Before and after 2 courses of Mesofill treatments
(over 5 months)